Leading the way in Pet Food Inspection with GA Pet Food

16 June 2022

Sapphire Inspection Systems leads the way in Pet Food Inspection with GA Pet Food   “As one of the largest independent manufacturers of private label pet food in Europe, we handle 700 different recipes and 2,500 different pack formats –…

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Solving the problem of ‘invisible’ fish bones

3 November 2021

‘Invisible’ Fish Bones Fish is an important part of a healthy diet and today we can choose from a greater variety of fish products than ever before, thanks to major improvements in processing, refrigeration, ice making, and transportation. But for…

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Latest Pharmaceutical X-ray Technology Adds up to a Picture of Health

12 October 2021

How the latest X-ray inspection technology adds up to a picture of health Millions of people around the world rely on medication for conditions ranging from diabetes and heart disease, to migraine and depression. We all take it for granted…

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Questions to Ask When Considering X-ray Inspection

22 September 2021

The Top 13 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing an X-ray Inspection Machine. A blog post by Perry Alderson, Technical Services Manager at Sapphire Inspection, with years of expertise in assisting clients find the best x-ray solution for their needs….

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Seal Inspection

21 September 2021

The Seal of Approval – First time, Every time. Food packaging is in the spotlight as rising wholesale gas prices are causing a carbon dioxide shortage in the UK. Food manufacturers around the world typically use carbon dioxide in modified…

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5 Reasons You Should Choose X-Ray Inspection Over Metal Detection.

14 February 2019

In recent years the cost of x-ray systems has fallen and with entry level models available for the same price as some metal detectors the market is now in serious competition. So why should you choose x-ray inspection over metal detection?

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Welcome Sapphire SAC

23 October 2018

We are delighted that Sapphire Inspection Systems have teamed with Scan American Corporation in the USA. This exciting joint venture will create new opportunities for the x-ray inspection market in North America.

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Keeping Breakfast in the Kremlin Safe

2 February 2018

Who knew that Nutella is so loved, it has its own day of celebration (World Nutella Day, 5th February)?

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Recalls: Look For Prevention Not Blame

4 January 2018

Do you remember the episode of Friends where Monica caters for her mother’s dinner party and loses a false nail in a main course?

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