X-ray Inspection Products


X-ray Inspection Products

Improve Product Quality and Safety with Sapphire Inspection Systems

Sapphire Inspection deliver safety and reassurance for products at various stages of the production process. From bulk-flow (loose) to glass jars, metal containers or large boxed packaging, we have a machine and inspection type to meet your needs. Each of our machines offers a specific type of inspection that will detect metal, bone, stone, glass and certain types of plastic.

Browse our selection of x-ray inspection products below.

X-ray Inspection Products

Compact X-ray Inspection System on a Budget

Entry level, compact x-ray inspection system for those on a budget

Bestselling X-ray Inspection System G20

Bestselling versatile x-ray inspection system for 100s of loose and packaged items

G30 X-ray System for Small Rigid Containers

X-ray inspection for small rigid containers

X-ray tall rigid containers such as bottles

G40 x-ray inspection system

X-ray system for larger loose and packaged items

Inspect large containers up to 300mm in height

A remarkable pipeline inspection system for virtually anything that can flow through a pipe

G80 x-ray inspection system

X-ray system for very large loose and packaged items

High resolution fish bone detection as small as 0.2mm

G120 VISUM x-ray inspection

Dual energy x-ray inspection for the most reliable bone and contaminant detection in poultry

G180 X-ray Inspection System

High resolution imaging in real time for medical and pharmaceutical applications

customised x-ray inspection system

Designed and manufactured especially to meet your unique requirements