X-ray Inspection Support


X-ray Inspection Support

Supporting You and Your X-ray System

Our friendly, experienced team are available to offer you specialist support for the lifetime of your equipment. Prompt telephone support and the ability to remote access your machine enables rapid diagnosis and problem solving, and site visits are readily arranged where necessary.

X-ray Service Contracts

We offer a range of service contracts to suit your needs and budget, all of which include call-backs within 2 hours and next-day site visits. All our service contract options include an annual maintenance and calibration site visit to ensure optimum performance.

X-ray Repairs & Refurbishments

All our x-ray inspection systems come with a 12-month warranty on components and workmanship. Our GOLD standard service contract includes a 5-year warranty on linear detectors and x-ray generators. Find out more about repairs and refurbishments.


Sapphire designs and manufactures key control and x-ray parts and components in-house. All our systems are manufactured in our UK factories and spares are readily available directly from the UK or via stocks in various locations.

Our linear diode array detectors are the fastest available with the lowest noise and highest sensitivity, and we also produce a range of embedded linear x-ray detectors.

X-ray Training

We offer expert training for your employees to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to operate the x-ray machines with ease. We offer training packages for operators, quality assurance technicians, and engineers. If your team needs to understand the Marks and Spencer COP requirements, we have a training package that covers that too.

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