The A-Series

Compact X-ray System


The A-Series is our most compact x-ray inspection system, catering to those on a budget.

The A-Series x-ray system is compact enough to fit into your existing production line without compromising on versatility to inspect any product format (including trays, pouches, cans, and loose products).

Experts in X-ray Technology

Our expertise in low energy technology shows in the A-Series’ capability for high-sensitivity imaging, resulting in superior contaminant detection.

The A-Series combines advanced linear array technology with superior inspection algorithms enabling inspection to go beyond contaminant detection. As with all Sapphire Inspection’s x-rays, the A-Series can check that quantity, mass, and fill levels are correct, in addition to detecting broken or missing parts.

Key Functions
Key Applications
Superior Performance
Technical Specifications

A-Series Key Functions

Compact system taking up minimal space.
Real time analysis of product and packaging lines; The A-Series screen displays each product inspected and indicates the location of detected contaminants (metal, stone, glass, bone, and certain plastics).
Monitoring of product and package attributes: The A-series can inspect fill volume, confirm count and mass, and detect damaged items.
Versatility of configuration: The A-Series can inspect trays, pouches, cans, and loose products.

A-Series Key Applications

Small packs of cooked and fresh meat
Small bags of nuts, chocolates, and other snacks
Other small food items


950mm x 580mm x 1530mm (L x W x H)

Sapphire Superior Performance

Unrivalled for speed, sensitivity, & sophistication

Ergonomic design

Automatic calibration & automatic set-up

User friendly interface and controls

Professional and friendly global system support

Designed for quick and easy wash-down

Hygienic design, compliant with FSMA standards

UK designed and manufactured

Technical Specification

Technology: Computer-controlled low energy technology
Video display:15″ colour touchscreen with real-time images and diagnostics
X-ray generator:70kV glass computer controlled
CalibrationSelf-calibrating during normal operation
Detection limit0.4-1.2mm stainless steel is typical depending on the product
Inspection rate:up to 200 packs/minute
Power requirements:110 VAC or 200-240 VAC at 500VA
Conveyor speed:0-50 m/min computer controlled
Detector array length: Dual detectors up to 2 x 256mm
Maximum line rate:2000 lines per second
Resolution: 4096 grey levels per pixel

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