Product header 4 (Nov 2021)
The G120 VISUM

Dual Energy Poultry

Product header 4 (Nov 2021)
The G120 VISUM

Dual Energy Poultry

The Sapphire Visum G120 is a revolution in fresh poultry examination and is the first to feature the advanced TrueDual™ dual-energy technology.

Sapphire TrueDual™ is a dual-energy poultry inspection solution that has been developed to deliver the most reliable contaminant and bone detection. Dual-energy x-ray inspection (DEXA) was originally conceived for the medical field and we have harnessed and reconfigured this technique for the food industry with the G120 VISUM.

The system combines data from low-energy and high-energy images to generate a superior and highly reliable inspection result. This makes Visum G120 inspection system perfect for end of line poultry inspection.

The option to include a logistic conveyor has been incorporated into the system’s design to reduce wastage. When a piece of poultry contains bones, it is rejected and automatically returned to an operator. They can use the image to identify the bone, remove it, and re-send the product through the system for a second inspection.

In addition to detecting bones, other contaminants such as glass, metal and stone will be captured in the inspection ensuring your products’ safety.

The Sapphire Visum G120 inspection system has been designed specifically to adhere to the highest hygiene standards in poultry production.

Key Functions
Key Applications
Superior Performance
Technical Specifications

G120 VISUM Key Functions

Sapphire TrueDual™ technology
High sensitivity chicken bone detection
Low false reject rate
Dual lane conveyor
Real time analysis: Indicate the location of detected contaminants (metal, stone, glass, bone, and certain plastics)
Compliant with IP69K standards
Hygienic design

G120 VISUM Key Applications

Fresh and frozen poultry

Size and Beams

mm x mm x mm (L x W x H)

Sapphire Superior Performance

Unrivalled for speed, sensitivity, & sophistication

Low energy consumption

Automatic calibration & automatic set-up

User friendly interface and controls

Professional and friendly global system support

Designed for quick and easy wash-down

Hygienic design, compliant with FSMA standards

UK designed and manufactured, key components made in-house

Technical Specification

Video display:
X-ray generator:
Detection limit
Inspection rate:
Power requirements:
Conveyor Speed:
Detector array length:
Maximum line rate:

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