Designers and manufacturers of component parts for x-ray systems, Cheyney are innovators of low energy, end-of-line inspection.

With over 30 years of experience, Cheyney bring to the market the most advanced component design for reliability, highest speed and functional performance.

Key Expertise:

New X-ray generation techniques

  • Carbon nanotube field emission
  • Graphene gate materials
  • Multi-source generators
  • CPE for reduced work function

Large area active pixel sensors

  • Ultra-low noisePixel resolutions <0.05mm
  • Embedded deconvolution resources

Our resources include software, electronic design, logic array development design and documentation.

The team at Cheyney have been behind numerous challenging inspection applications, including:

  • Very low energy X-ray techniques
  • High speed visual inspection and precision measurement of automotive, aerospace and military components.
  • Currently research is on-going in a numerous, innovative technology areas involving X-rays, microwaves and visible light spectra.
  • We also undertake special projects including proof-of-concept, machine development and customised inspection applications.

Cheyney work in partnership with The Electrical Engineering Division of the Department of Engineering of the University of Cambridge (CAPE).