Product header 4 (Nov 2021)
The G120 OS Fish

Advanced Fishbone Detection

Product header 4 (Nov 2021)
The G120 OS Fish

Advanced Fishbone Detection

The high resolution G120 OS FISH system offers advanced fishbone detection, as small as 0.1mm.

Improve product safety, and deliver bone and contaminant-free fish with the G120 OS FISH, an automatic, end-of-line x-ray inspection system. This advanced fishbone detection system is suitable for almost all types of fresh, frozen, and processed fish fillets, planks, and blocks.

Using high-resolution area sensors on an indexing conveyor, fish products of all types can be examined and the systems’ high sensitivity can detect bones as small as 0.1mm in diameter. In addition to detecting bones, scans will also capture other contaminants such as glass, metal, and stone.


The modular design allows a rework line to be integrated so that when a bone is identified, the fish is not wasted. An operative can then remove the bone and pass the fish back through the system for a secondary check.


The G120 OS Fish System complies with IP69K standards. The curtain-less ramped conveyor maximises hygiene and this conveyor can be removed quickly and easily for a full washdown.

Key Functions
Key Applications
Superior Performance
Technical Specifications

G120 OS FISH Key Functions

Automatic fishbone and contaminant detection
Sensitivity to detect bones as small as 0.1mm in diameter
Low false reject rate due to highly attuned algorithms
Complaint with IP69K standards
Hygienic design

G120 OS FISH Key Applications

Almost all types of fresh, frozen and processed fish fillets, planks, and blocks.

Size and Beams

mm x mm x mm (L x W x H)

Sapphire Superior Performance

Unrivalled for speed, sensitivity, & sophistication

Low energy consumption

Automatic calibration & automatic set-up

User friendly interface and controls

Professional and friendly global system support

Designed for quick and easy wash-down

Hygienic design, compliant with FSMA standards

UK designed and manufactured, key components made in-house

Technical Specification

Video display:
X-ray generator:
Detection limit
Inspection rate:
Power requirements:
Conveyor Speed:
Detector array length:
Maximum line rate:

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