Product header 4 (Nov 2021)
The G180

Inspect Medication &
Medical Devices

Product header 4 (Nov 2021)
The G180

Inspect Medication &
Medical Devices

The G180 uses active pixel sensor technology to generate high resolution imaging in real-time for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Utilising the latest active pixel sensor (APS) technology, the G180 inspection system can achieve a resolution 10 times greater than traditional x-ray technology. The G180 is designed specifically for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry with a capability to inspect medication and medical devices (such as insulin pumps and inhalers). The system can confirm component integrity, as well as checking fill levels in vials, dosing levels in capsules, the integrity of blister packs, seals, and patient leaflet verification.

Sapphire’s systems are unrivalled in the industry for sensitivity, speed, and sophistication of detection, identifying critical assembly errors or contaminants in medication and medical devices, where other techniques may not.

Using a wide range of product handling methods to feed the products into the inspection station, the G180 can automatically reject and mark defective items.

Key Functions
Key Applications
Superior Performance
Technical Specifications

G180 Key Functions

Active pixel sensor technology for high resolution imaging (ten times superior to traditional x-ray technology)
Designed to pharmaceutical industry standards
Polished mirror finish to meet 3A criteria
Real time analysis of product on packaging lines
Automatic rejection or marking of defective products
Available with certified database package to 21CFR Part 11

G180 Key Applications

Inspect mechanical dosing devices such as insulin pumps or inhalers.
Check fill levels in vials
Confirm dosing levels in capsules
Confirm integrity of blister packs
Ensure patient leaflets are enclosed in packaging
Inspect seals


600mm x 1620mm x 600mm (L x W x H), excluding conveyor

Sapphire Superior Performance

Unrivalled for speed, sensitivity, & sophistication

Experienced inspection problem solvers for the pharmaceutical industry

Automatic calibration & automatic set-up

User friendly interface and controls

Professional and friendly global system support

Key components made in-house

Low energy consumption

UK designed and manufactured

Technical Specification

Technology: Computer controlled low energy technology
Video display:Images are displayed in real-time
X-ray generator:Various specifications from 16kV to 50kV, computer controlled
Calibration:Periodic manual calibration or automatic sequencing
Detection limit:0.075mm
Detector dimensions:from 120mm x 70mm to 230mm x 150mm
Power requirements:110 VAC or 200-240 VAC at 500VA
Conveyor speed:0-100 inspections per minute, servo controlled
Detector array length: Dual detectors up to 2 x 256mm
Maximum line rate:4000 lines per second
Resolution: 16384 grey levels per pixel
Minimum acquisition time:40 milliseconds

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