Area Pixel Sensor Technology


High resolution imaging in real time for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Using the very latest Area Pixel Sensor (APS) technology, the Sapphire G180 series inspection systems achieve a resolution that is 10 times greater than traditional x-ray technology.

Sapphire systems are unrivalled in the industry for sensitivity, speed and sophistication, giving compelling advantages in identifying critical assembly errors or contaminants where other techniques may not.

Using a wide range of product handling methods to feed the products into the inspection station, the Sapphire G180 will automatically reject or mark defective items.

The system can inspect mechanical dosing devices such as insulin pumps or inhalers to confirm component integrity, as well as checking fill levels in vials, dosing levels in capsules, integrity of blister packs, seals and patient leaflets verification.

Key Features

  • Inspect dosing devices for product and component conformity.
  • Checks fill and dosing levels in vials and capsules.
  • Designed for pharmaceutical industry standards.
  • Polished mirror finish to meet 3A criteria.
  • Quick release belt for easy dismantling and cleaning.

Superior Performance

  • Area Pixel Sensor technology for high resolution imaging.
  • Real time analysis of product on packaging lines.
  • Automatic rejection or marking of defective products.
  • Available with certified database package to 21CFR Part 11.

Product Leaflet


G180 Leaflet