Sapphire Inspection Systems leads the way in Pet Food Inspection with GA Pet Food


“As one of the largest independent manufacturers of private label pet food in Europe, we handle 700 different recipes and 2,500 different pack formats – so it’s a challenge to find inspection equipment that can cope with that. Sapphire has the expertise to create bespoke solutions for us that fully integrate with our own systems to provide a high level of process control and, in turn, reassurance for our own customers about the quality of every bag of their products.”

– Andy Kettle, GA Petfood Partners



Sapphire Inspection Systems collaborated with leading pet food brand, GA Pet Food Partners to create the G40XL – our largest ever xray system.


Sapphire Inspection Systems and GA Petfoods have built a long standing partnership, working together for many years to produce good quality products through xray inspection technology. GA Pet Foods is already home to eight other Sapphire innovations, including a G50 Side Shoot Xray inspection and weight checking machine capable of handling upright bags of various sizes up to 4kg at a rate of 1,800 an hour.


To constantly innovate and evolve, we produced the new Xray machine for GA Pet Foods state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Lancashire, England. With the site producing 80,000 tonnes of dry pet food a year, Sapphires innovations needed to be integrated seamlessly into their production line and offer GA Pet Foods complete peace of mind.


Sapphire Inspection Systems worked with GA Pet Food Partners to design and develop a new machine specifically to meet their requirements. The technology had to inspect pet food kibble up to one metre in length, weighing up to 25kg. The result is the G40XL, our largest ever xray inspection machine at more than six metres long.


This robust machine has the ability to be transported and inspect a substantial tonnage of product on a round-the-clock basis. Inspecting at a rate of 800 bags an hour, the machine perfectly complements and upholds mass production. As well as ensuring the pet food bags are free of contaminants (such as fragments of metal, stone, or glass), the G40XL can also check the weight of each bag to ensure it contains the precise amount of kibble.


Any rejected product can be reworked before it leaves the facility at GA, to ensure low wastage and sustainable production.


Here at Sapphire Inspection Systems, we offer a range of products and bespoke solutions to suit your production requirements, From small to large, wet or dry. We work closely with our clients to ensure complete peace of mind and leading innovation to integrate with your production line, so you can produce quality products.



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