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X-ray Inspection Systems

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X-ray Inspection Systems

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X-ray Inspection Systems

With over 70 superior image analysis algorithms, our range of x-ray systems cater to 100s of product types.

pet food machine
Sapphire's Largest Ever X-ray System

More than six metres long, the new system can inspect items up to 1m in length (25kg weight).

Bestselling X-Ray Inspection System: The G20

Bestselling X-ray System: The G20

Improve product standards with the G20, an adaptable x-ray inspection machine that can be configured to a wide range of products.

Bespoke & Customised X-ray Systems

Bespoke X-ray Systems

Solve unique inspection problems with bespoke x-ray solutions. Our experts will work with you to design and manufacture solutions tailored just for you.

Pipeline X-ray G70

Pipeline X-ray: The G70

Inspect soups, sauces, jams, and meats to detect contaminants prior to packaging with the G70

Technological Experts in X-ray Inspection for the Food & Pharmaceutical Industries

We offer x-ray inspection systems for a broad range of food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics products, in addition to customised solutions.

A technology-led company with links to the earliest x-ray inspection products, Sapphire Inspection pioneer innovative technology to improve safety standards and reduce the risk of recalls through high sensitivity, sophistication of detection, reliability, and low false rejects.

Key components are manufactured in-house, ensuring high quality, and availability.

Find Your X-Ray Solution

G80 x-ray inspection system

Improve safety standards and reduce recalls with inspection solitions for a vast range of food and drink products including BRC compliance options and adherence to M&S and Tesco’s standards.

G180 X-ray Inspection System

Inspect medical devices and pharmaceutical products with x-ray inspection solutions tailored for the pharmaceutical industry. Sapphire also have a long history of designing and manufacturing bespoke solutions for pharmaceutical companies.

G35 X-ray system

Ensure correct assembly of cosmetics products (e.g. pump dispensers), correct fill-levels, inspect seals, and detect contaminants with x-ray inspection systems suitable for cosmetics.

Why Choose Sapphire Inspection?

Over 35 Years Experience

Sapphire Inspection Systems

Leading Edge Technology

Sapphire Inspection Systems

Simple Configuration

Lower Cost of Ownership

Critical Components Made In-House

Sapphire Inspection

Solutions for a Broad Range of Products

Find out more about our latest X-ray developments including:
Seal inspection with unrivalled accuracy
– Our biggest ever x-ray machine
Questions to ask when buying an x-ray inspection system

As accomplished inspection problem solvers, we pride ourselves on our ability to create x-ray solutions for clients with unique requirements. Our wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing complex bespoke prototypes and systems positions us to take on virtually any inspection challenge.

Solve short-term or immediate problems by renting an x-ray system to detect contaminants and identify damaged items.

Find out how we can support your x-ray system to ensure smooth operation and minimum down-time.

Many well-known brands use Sapphire Inspection Systems