Product header 4 (nov 2021)
The G80

Inpsect Large Products
& Cases

Product header 4 (nov 2021)
The G80

Inpsect Large Products
& Cases

The G80 is an innovative x-ray inspection system designed for very large products and cases.

The G80 is the bigger sibling to the G20 and G40 with an ability to inspect very large products and cases (up to 400mm high by 400mm wide). It can inspect virtually any discrete packaged item or loose bulk flow that can travel by conveyor.

This system uses dual beam x-ray technology to inspect every part of the very large products that flow through it. This enables superior contaminant detection while maintaining a compact design.

The G80 can detect very thin contaminants such as metal flakes due to high sensitivity imaging, developed through our expertise in low-energy x-ray inspection technology.

In addition to contaminant detection, the G80 can also scan for missing parts, broken parts, and packing voids and confirm fill levels, count, and mass.

Key Functions
Key Applications
Superior Performance
Technical Specifications

G80 Key Functions

Inspects cases up to 400mm wide
Real time analysis: The G80 can confirm product integrity and indicate the location of detected contaminants (metal, stone, glass, bone, and certain plastics).
Monitoring of product and package attributes: The G80 can inspect fill volume, confirm count and mass, and detect damaged items.
Versatility of configuration: The G80 can inspect a wide product range including bulk flow and packaged products.
The G80 can isolate rejects based on contamination or non-conformity.

G80 Key Applications

Blocks of cheese
Large boxed snack foods such as crisps and nuts
Other large packages


2070mm x 1100mm x 1970mm (L x W x H)

Sapphire Superior Performance

Unrivalled for speed, sensitivity, & sophistication

Low energy consumption

Automatic calibration & automatic set-up

User friendly interface and controls

Professional and friendly global system support

Designed for quick and easy wash-down

Hygienic design, compliant with FSMA standards

UK designed and manufactured, key components made in-house

Technical Specification

Technology: Computer-controlled low energy, dual beam technology
Video display:15″ colour touchscreen with real-time images and diagnostics
X-ray generator:Various specifications from 80kV to 120kV
CalibrationSelf-calibrating during normal operation
Detection limit1.5mm stainless steel is typical depending on the product
Inspection rate:Up to 150 cases/minute
Power requirements:110 VAC or 200-240 VAC at 1500VA
Conveyor Speed:0-60m/min computer controlled
Detector array length: Dual detectors up to 2 x 614mm
Maximum line rate:2000 lines per second
Resolution: 4096 grey levels per pixel

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