X-ray Inspection System Rental


X-ray Inspection System Rental

Solve Immediate and Short-Term Problems with X-ray Rental

Renting an x-ray system can help you resolve an immediate or short-term issue. For example;

-If a contaminant has entered your production line as a result of human or mechanical error, x-ray system rental can help you detect these contaminants.

-If your production line has caused an error related to product fill consistency, a rented x-ray system can identify which items in the batch are acceptable to be distributed to retailers and which ones are not.

-If there is inconsistency with seal integrity on a production line, x-ray rental can enable seal inspection to identify which products are safe to distribute.

X-ray System Rental Costs
X-ray Rental Requirements
X-ray Systems Available to Rent

X-ray System Rental Costs

NO DEPOSIT – There is no deposit required to rent an x-ray inspection system.

RENT FOR AS LONG AS YOU LIKE – The minimum x-ray rental term is 12 weeks and you can rent the system for as long as you need to.

PAYMENT TERMS – Payment is required upfront.

COST INCLUDES – The total cost includes rental, delivery, installation, and collection of the system. We will also train your operators to use the system and set up the machine to inspect your product.

RENT TO BUY – Long-term renters have the option to purchase their rental machines. 

X-ray Inspection Rental Requirements

X-ray inspection systems can be rented to your premises as long as the below minimum requirements are in place:

  • Offloading facilities
  • Single-phase 3 pin socket
  • Ethernet or wireless internet connection
  • 6-bar air supply (applicable if the x-ray machine has an automatic reject mechanism)

X-ray Systems Available to Rent

X-ray Rental

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Bestselling X-ray Inspection System G20

The G20 is our bestselling x-ray system for packaged products and loose bulk flow.

G40 x-ray system

The G40 system can inspect large continuous bulk flow items and packaged products.

The G50 x-ray system caters to large rigid containers such as bottles and cans.

The G80 inspection system is designed to inspect large products and cases.

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