Experts in X-ray Inspection Technology


Experts in X-ray Inspection Technology

About Sapphire Inspection

Global pioneers of innovative x-ray inspection for over 35 years

Our team has been at the forefront of x-ray inspection technology since the initial development of linear array detectors in the 1980s and we continue to innovate and lead development in the x-ray inspection market today.  

Leaders in Technology

Our patented, cutting-edge technology and advanced stochastic algorithms position us as technical leaders in the x-ray inspection arena, with systems that outperform competitors; unrivalled for speed, sensitivity, and sophistication of detection.

Advanced R&D 

With close links to the University of Cambridge and strong desire to constantly improve, we remain one of the most advanced research and development teams in the x-ray inspection field.

Made in Cambridgeshire, England

Machines are designed and manufactured at our Cambridgeshire base in the United Kingdom. Critical x-ray components are also developed and made in-house, ensuring high quality and availability.  

International Presence

With installations globally, we have teams and offices worldwide. To speak with a local representative, contact us.

Problem Solving Ethos

Our team love solving unusual and complex inspection problems which is why we successfully design and produce various unique, bespoke x-ray inspection systems every year.  

In addition, our broad product range of standard x-ray inspection systems caters to hundreds of product types for the foodpharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

We are adept at ensuring systems are appropriate for their environment and will consult with you to manage seamless integration to your processing line.

Located in the USA?

Find out more about our US operation, Sapphire SAC, a joint venture with Scan American Corporation.

The Story Of X-ray Inspection

Our founder Richard Parmee, has played a key role in the development and advancement of x-ray inspection from the 1980s onwards. An overview of key milestones and company history is below, including the founding of Sapphire Inspection Systems in 2010.

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