x-ray product range

What Can X-ray Inspect?

x-ray product range

What Can X-ray Inspect?

Versatility of Inspection

Versatility is our strength. Thanks to our many unique and sophisticated algorithms, our systems can inspect hundreds of product types. Our x-ray systems fall into the six main areas of inspection:

X-ray inspection for rigid containers; jars, cans, and bottles
X-ray systems for packaged goods
Pipeline inspection systems
Bone detection x-ray systems
Bulk flow x-ray systems
Pharmaceutical x-ray systems

If you have a requirement that is a little out of the ordinary and cannot find what you are looking for, speak to our team about our bespoke x-ray solutions.

G35 X-ray system

Detect glass shards in glass containers and metal pieces in metal cans with our range of x-ray systems specifically catering to rigid container inspection.

Bestselling X-ray Inspection System G20

Inspect packaged products of varying sizes and identify contaminants, missing pieces, broken products, and isolate rejects.

Pipeline x-ray inspection for unpackaged soups, sauces, jams and meats.

G120 x-ray inspection system

Our innovative G120 systems provide superior and reliable inspection results for detection of bones and contaminants in fish and poultry.

G40 x-ray inspection system

Continuous bulk flow x-ray inspection for virtually any loose products.

Our advanced G180 system uses area pixel sensor technology to generate high-resolution imaging in real time for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Unique Algorithms to Cater for 100s of Product Types

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