rigid containers

X-ray Inspection Systems for Rigid Containers

X-ray Inspection for Jars, Cans, and Bottles

The G30, G35, and G50 x-ray systems are all suitable for inspection of rigid containers such as jars, cans, and bottles. These systems share many commonalities in terms of functionality. The main difference is the size of product they can inspect. All 3 x-ray systems can detect glass shards inside glass containers and bits of metal inside metal cans. To find out more about our x-ray inspection range for rigid containers, click the links below.

G30 X-ray System for Small Rigid Containers

G30 – Small Rigid Containers

The G30 is an x-ray inspection system for small rigid containers such as glass jars and cans.

G35 – Tall Rigid Containers

Inspect tall rigid containers with the G35 x-ray inspection system. The G35 is ideal for inspecting glass bottles, cans, and tall jars.

G50 – Large Rigid Containers

Inspect large rigid containers up to 300mm in height with the G50 x-ray system.

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