Fish X-ray Inspection Systems


Fish X-ray Inspection Systems

X-ray Inspection for Fresh, Frozen, Bulk, and Packaged Fish

Our advanced x-ray inspection systems can inspect fresh, frozen, and pre-cooked fish, plus shellfish and other seafood.

The high-resolution G120 OS FISH system is the most innovative fish x-ray inspection system on the market with high sensitivity for fishbone detection as small as 0.1mm. The software takes into account the natural muscle patterns in fish which would otherwise lead to false rejects.

We also offer in-line and end-of-line x-ray inspection solutions for loose bulk flow fish, formed fish (e.g. fish fingers), tinned fish, packaged fish, and ready meals containing fish.

Fish X-ray Applications

Bone detection as small as 0.1mm
Confirm product conformity (e.g. a uniform shape on formed fish)
Ensure product completeness
Verify seals and lids are on correctly
Component verification (e.g. make sure all components are present such as sauces and dressings in fish ready meals)
Measure product mass (e.g. ensure the correct weight of fish in a tin)
Identify foreign objects such as metal, bone, glass, certain plastics, and other items

Why Choose X-ray Over Metal Detection for Fish?

A key advantage of a Sapphire x-ray system is the ability to detect bones in fish (something which a metal detector cannot do).

In addition, a Sapphire inspection system can conduct multiple inspections from one machine to confirm product quality and detect both metal and non-metal contaminants.

End-of-line inspection can be conducted by an x-ray system regardless of the type of packaging; for example, an x-ray can inspect fish contained in metal and foil packaging (whereas a metal detector cannot).

Why Choose a Sapphire X-ray System?

Unrivalled for speed, sensitivity, & sophistication of detection
Adaptable ergonomic design
Automatic calibration & automatic set-up
User-friendly interface and controls
Designed for quick and easy wash-down
Hygienic design, up to FMSA standards
Reject options to suit your production line
Most systems can be integrated into your production line with ease
All systems and key components are designed and manufactured at our Cambridge HQ in the UK
Customised and bespoke x-ray inspection solutions are available for unique requirements

X-ray Inspection Systems For Fish

High resolution fish bone detection as small as 0.2mm

Entry level, compact x-ray inspection system for those on a budget

Bestselling X-ray Inspection System G20

Bestselling versatile x-ray inspection system for 100s of loose and packaged food types

G30 X-ray System for Small Rigid Containers

X-ray inspection for small rigid containers such as jars of pickled fish and tins of fish

Designed and manufactured especially to meet your unique requirements

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