Beverage X-ray Inspection Systems


Beverage X-ray Inspection Systems

X-ray Inspection for soft drinks, alcohol, milk, juices with pulp, tea, and coffee.

We understand the needs of high-speed beverage production lines, where conveyor transfers of glass bottles can be fragile. Our beverage x-ray inspection systems can be integrated into your line without disrupting your existing conveyor system or throughput.

We offer x-ray inspection solutions for all types of beverages including tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, infant milk, canned carbonated drinks, soft drinks, juices with pulp, and drinks with added food matter. Whether drinks are packaged in glass, plastic, metal, cartons, or something else, our inspection systems can effectively detect contaminants and ensure high product quality.

Beverage X-ray Applications

Ensure conformity of fill levels (this can be assessed on individual drinks and also on cases of multiple drinks)
Identify missing cans, bottles or other containers in bulk packaged cases
Verify seals, caps, and ring-pulls are on correctly
Identify broken and empty bottles or other drinks containers at end-of-line, reducing the risk of spoiling an entire case-load
Confirm product completeness (e.g. checking straws are attached to cartons and ensuring ring-pulls are correct on cans).
Identify foreign objects such as metal, bone, glass, certain plastics, and other items

Why Choose X-ray Over Metal Detection for Beverages?

An x-ray inspection system offers more sophistication than a metal detector enabling verification of beverage product quality in addition to contaminant detection. This applies to packaging too such as ensuring seals, bottle tops, and ring pulls are correct.

Sapphire x-rays can detect shards of glass inside glass bottles and other containers, along with other non-metal contaminants.

Why Choose a Sapphire X-ray System?

Unrivalled for speed, sensitivity, & sophistication of detection
Adaptable ergonomic design
Automatic calibration & automatic set-up
User-friendly interface and controls
Designed for quick and easy wash-down
Hygienic design, up to FMSA standards
Reject options to suit your production line
Most systems can be integrated into your production line with ease
All systems and key components are designed and manufactured at our Cambridge HQ in the UK
Customised and bespoke x-ray inspection solutions are available for unique requirements

X-ray Inspection Systems For Drinks Products

The G35 caters specifically to x-ray rigid beverage containers such as standard sized bottles and cans

The G50 can inspect large rigid beverage containers up to 300mm in height

customised x-ray inspection system

Designed and manufactured especially to meet your unique requirements

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