Fruit and Veg

Fruit and Vegetable X-ray Inspection

Fruit and Veg

Fruit and Vegetable X-ray Inspection

X-ray Inspection Solutions for Fresh, Frozen, Pickled, Canned , and Pureed Fruit & Vegetables.

Whether you are wanting to inspect heavy bulk flow produce such as potatoes, packaged frozen vegetables, or tinned fruit, our range of x-ray products offer a solution.

The G20 and G40 inspection systems cater to loose and packaged fruit and vegetable products. Fruit and vegetables packaged inside rigid containers made of glass, plastic, or metal can be inspected by the G30, G35, or G50, depending on size.

Our x-ray inspection systems can help you to detect contaminants and also improve product quality and safety as set out below (Fruit and Vegetable X-ray Applications).

Fruit & Vegetable X-ray Applications

Ensure product conformity and product completeness
Confirm accurate fill-levels ( e.g. this is useful for brine in jars of pickled vegetables)
Verify seals and caps are correct
Component verification (e.g. ensuring packaged salads contain sachets of dressing)
Measure product mass (e.g. accurate weight measurement of irregular items such as bags of potatoes)
Check seasoning is distributed evenly (e.g. pre-seasoned vegetable trays)
Identify foreign objects such as metal, bone, glass, certain plastics, and other items

Why Choose X-ray Over Metal Detection for Fruit & Vegetable Produce?

A Sapphire x-ray system can conduct multiple inspections from one machine to ensure high product quality and detect both metal and non-metal contaminants. This applies even when your fruit and vegetable product is contained within foil or metal packaging.

Why Choose a Sapphire X-ray System?

Unrivalled for speed, sensitivity, & sophistication of detection
Adaptable ergonomic design
Automatic calibration & automatic set-up
User-friendly interface and controls
Designed for quick and easy wash-down
Hygienic design, up to FMSA standards
Reject options to suit your production line
Most systems can be integrated into your production line with ease
All systems and key components are designed and manufactured at our Cambridge HQ in the UK
Customised and bespoke x-ray inspection solutions are available for unique requirements

X-ray Inspection Systems For Fruit & Vegetables

Entry level, compact x-ray inspection system for those on a budget

Bestselling X-ray Inspection System G20

Bestselling versatile x-ray inspection system for 100s of loose and packaged fruit and vegetables

G40 x-ray inspection system

A larger version of the G20 for bigger packaged and bulk flow fruit and vegetables

G30 X-ray System for Small Rigid Containers

Inspect small containers such as jars of pickled vegetables or tins of fruit

Inspect tall rigid containers such as bottles of fruit juice and smoothies

Inspect large containers of fruit and vegetables up to 300mm in height

customised x-ray inspection system

Designed and manufactured especially to meet your unique requirements

Speak to our team of x-ray experts

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