Confectionery X-ray Inspection Systems


Confectionery X-ray Inspection Systems

X-ray Inspection for Packaged and Unpackaged Chocolate, Sweets, and Candy

Sapphire Inspection’s x-ray systems can inspect all types of packaged and unpackaged confectionery, with a capability to improve product quality and safety (Confectionery X-ray Applications).

Sapphire x-rays can enable some producers to repurpose confectionery items when a key ingredient has been omitted earlier in the production line. Clients report that this function has led to a reduction of up to 90% in customer complaints regarding product quality.

Confectionery X-ray Applications

Ensure product conformity (e.g. check the filling in a chocolate bar is correct)
Verify product completeness (e.g. check a box of chocolates has every item correctly included)
Measure confectionery mass to ensure it meets weight requirements
Identify foreign objects such as metal, bone, glass, certain plastics and other items

Why Choose X-ray Over Metal Detection for Confectionery Items?

A Sapphire Inspection x-ray system can detect non-metal contaminants (something that a metal detector cannot do), enabling you to improve product safety and reduce recalls.

X-ray systems can conduct multiple confectionery inspections, including end-of-line inspections of chocolate or candy packaged in metal or foil packaging.

Why Choose a Sapphire X-ray System?

Unrivalled for speed, sensitivity, & sophistication of detection
Adaptable ergonomic design
Automatic calibration & automatic set-up
User-friendly interface and controls
Designed for quick and easy wash-down
Hygienic design, up to FMSA standards
Reject options to suit your production line
Most systems can be integrated into your production line with ease
All systems and key components are designed and manufactured at our Cambridge HQ in the UK
Customised and bespoke x-ray inspection solutions are available for unique requirements

X-ray Inspection Systems For Confectionery

Compact X-ray Inspection System on a Budget

Budget, compact entry-level x-ray inspection system

Bestselling X-ray Inspection System G20

Bestselling versatile x-ray inspection system for 100s of loose and packaged confectionery products

Bespoke X-ray Inspection Systems

Designed and manufactured especially to meet your unique requirements

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