Bone Detection X-ray Inspection Systems for Fish & Poultry

X-ray Inspection for Fish & Poultry; Detect Bones & Contaminants

Improve product quality with the G120 x-ray inspection systems for fish and poultry. The G120 OS Fish x-ray system identifies bones and contaminants with high sensitivity and a low false reject rate. The dual energy G120 Visum is ideal for end of line poultry inspection. Both systems facilitate rework (reducing wastage) and both adhere to the highest hygiene standards. For more information, click the links below or contact us.

G120 OS Fish

The G120 OS Fish can detect bones and contaminants as small as 0.2mm in all types of fish including fresh, frozen, and processed fish fillets, planks, and blocks.

G120 Visum

Superior and reliable inspection results are delivered by the G120 Visum x-ray inspection system thanks to TrueDualâ„¢, leading edge dual energy technology.

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