X-ray Training Packages

Reduce Production Line Stoppage with Training from Sapphire

It takes some time to establish the answer to the question; Is it your machine not running correctly, or are people not correctly running your machine?

Life at Sapphire: Senior Design Engineer

In the second of our Life at Sapphire series we head to the Engineering quarters to talk to David and discover his contribution and aspirations for Sapphire.

Josh at Sapphire with x-ray inspection system

Life at Sapphire: Service Technician

To introduce working life at Sapphire Inspection Systems we present the first in our series of team introductions.
Josh White has been with Sapphire for 8 years and has worked across numerous areas of the business.

Compact X-ray Inspection System on a Budget

5 Reasons You Should Choose X-Ray Inspection Over Metal Detection.

In recent years the cost of x-ray systems has fallen and with entry level models available for the same price as some metal detectors the market is now in serious competition. So why should you choose x-ray inspection over metal detection?

Service Engineer Contact at Christmas

We know that very little stops for manufacturers over the Christmas and New Year period.

Team of people waving flags of USA

Welcome Sapphire SAC

We are delighted that Sapphire Inspection Systems have teamed with Scan American Corporation in the USA. This exciting joint venture will create new opportunities for the x-ray inspection market in North America.