We are delighted that Sapphire Inspection Systems have teamed with Scan American Corporation in the USA. This exciting joint venture will create new opportunities for the x-ray inspection market in North America.

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Sapphire SAC will combine the industry leading technology of Sapphire Inspection Systems with over 40 years of North American industry experience and 20 years of x-ray inspection application and sales experience of Scan American Corporation. This partnership will offer US processors access to a superior x-ray inspection system that will improve their products and consumer safety.

Sapphire SAC is able to offer a full range of x-ray inspection systems including flat-belt, side shoot, pipeline and ultra-high-resolution systems. Most importantly, this joint venture will offer customers applications, sales, service and parts support from a centralised location in North America.

The Sapphire Difference:

Part of the Cheyney group of families, Sapphire Inspection Systems develops and manufactures x-ray inspection and vision systems for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Cheyney’s heritage is in the research and development of the core x-ray technology giving Sapphire Inspection Systems an advantage in its offering to customers.

By bringing new developments to the market quickly and manufacturing core x-ray generation and detection components, Sapphire is able to deliver state of the art x-ray inspection systems with a swift lead time.