rigid containers

X-ray Inspection Systems for Packaged Goods

rigid containers

X-ray Inspection Systems for Packaged Goods

Inspect Pouches, Packs, and Other Packaged Goods

The Sapphire x-ray algorithms can be applied to many, many products. The following x-ray systems all specialise in the inspection of packaged good. The A-series is an entry-level, compact system for those on a budget. The G20, G40, and G80 are all downshoot inspection systems for packaged product types.

The G20 is our bestselling system with versatility to inspect virtually any packaged food type including packaged rice, pasta, flour, butter, biscuits, and ready meals in addition to continuous bulk flow items. The G40 and G80 live within the same product family as the G20 with a capacity to inspect larger items.

Compact X-ray Inspection System on a Budget

The A-series is a compact, entry level x-ray system for end-of-line inspection

The G20 is our bestselling x-ray inspection system which can be configured for a very wide range of packaged items.

G40 x-ray system

The G40 can inspect large packaged products and cartons up to 614mm wide.

X-ray inspection of large products and cases up to 400mm by 400mm is possible with the G80.

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