rigid containers

Bulk Flow X-ray Inspection

rigid containers

Bulk Flow X-ray Inspection

Inspect Virtually Any Continuous Bulk Flow Item

The Sapphire x-ray algorithms can be applied to many, many products. The following x-ray systems all specialise in the inspection of continuous bulk flow items. The G20, G40 and G80 are all downshoot inspection systems for packaged product types and bulk flow items.

For more unique requirements we offer a bespoke x-ray design and build service.

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Bestselling X-ray Inspection System G20

The G20 is our bestselling automatic inspection system which can be configured for a wide range of loose-product flows in addition to packaged items.

G40 x-ray system

The G40 can inspect larger items including bulk foods, trays of meat and packaged items.

The G80 x-ray system can inspect any loose bulk flow item that can travel by conveyor up to 400mm high by 400mm wide.

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Header photo by Lars Blankers on Unsplash