X-ray Training Packages

Reduce Production Line Stoppage with Training from Sapphire

It takes time to establish the answer to the question; Is your machine not running correctly, or are people not correctly running your machine?

Diagnosing user fault is harder than diagnosing part or software failure within a machine. After 12 months with one customer’s machine repeatedly faulting, our Engineer was able to accurately assess the real cause for machine failure – operator error.

Staff training upon machine installation is standard, however ensuring your staff maintain, use and share that training amongst the wider team is not always measurable.

All industries face turnover of staff, but the shop floor turnover in food processing is notoriously high and it is this level of employee interacting with your machine most frequently.

Larger companies often have L&D teams to ensure staff are continuously trained and competent in machine knowledge. Smaller companies often rely on training and knowledge being shared organically, a practice that can work well but has limitations, as often the knowledge is diluted when passed on to other personnel.

Many companies rely on a single or few well trained personnel who, should they leave at short notice or find themselves unexpectedly on long term sick leave, take the knowledge and training with them.

Lesser skilled team members can manage on a short-term basis, but the limit of their knowledge cannot rise to changes in product types, line speed changes and other variable factors that occur. This is where we have discovered the knowledge gap faults to human and not machine error.

To reduce stoppage time, reduce Engineer call outs and maximise your machine’s life we realised that providing our customers with a Training Contract option could be the most useful and affordable means of overcoming this difficulty.

Our regularly faulting customer agreed with our staff training assessment and within 4 weeks we had conducted up to date training with staff to SME Tier D, resulting in zero minor faults and therefore zero Engineer call-outs.

The customer saw increased efficiency and improved OEE all within 4 weeks.

Since introducing our ongoing training contracts we’ve seen customers implement the course ahead of BRC and technical audits, as well as customer visits to ensure best practice is applied.

Service contracts are common place when purchasing machines and we have adapted our contracts to include the option of adding in supplementary training. Reminding customers of the importance of keeping staff well trained and making this a cost-effective application is vital in the preventative measure of line stoppage as well as ensuring good health and safety practice.

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