Operations Manager

Highly sensitive x-ray inspection from Sapphire Inspection Systems detects contaminants and defects, checks product count and integrity, accurately measures the mass of your product whether food, drink or pharmaceutical product. Sapphire is renowned as the innovator in low energy inspection. Our systems are quick to install, easy to use and unrivalled in the industry for speed, sensitivity and sophistication of detection.

With a good product range and strong market opportunities, the company is now structuring itself for rapid growth. Part of the new management team, the Operations Manager oversees the manufacturing of X-Ray “kits” (Generators, Detectors, PCs) and their integration into X-Ray inspecting machines on a second production site. A key part of the role is to bring best manufacturing practices to a small successful business during its growing phase. Experience in implementing good manufacturing and business processes is a great advantage.

Key responsibilities

  • Support the company in production planning and making sure the business is adequately resourced.
  • Maintain safe and healthy work environment by following, improving and enforcing standards and procedures.
  • Establishing and Implementing relevant policies and procedures to improve the manufacturing process.
  • Ensuring that communication between departments is ongoing and utilised to maintain an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Implementation of a selected ERP system together with other business team members
  • Ensuring key performance indicators are in place and production targets are met.
  • Manage relationships with key operations vendors (e.g. purchasing, supplier evaluation)
  • Recruiting, training, and coaching staff

Key skills

Leadership – leading teams from different departments to achieve organisational goals.

Communication – ensuring that communication is ongoing and effective between different departments.

Team working – fostering an environment of teamwork to ensure that all products are delivered on time and company goals are met.

Initiative – The ability to work alone and take a lead when hurdles arise or when tasks require completion.

Planning – staying ahead of the game and ensuring that plans for the future are clearly labelled out for everyone to follow.

Problem Solving – adapting to changing environment and reacting quickly to meet challenges.

You will be based across our two sites near Royston, Hertfordshire.

Reports to the CEO.

Manufacturing staff of 6 people, set to grow in the coming months.

To apply, send your CV to recruitment@cheyney.com